Thursday, November 29, 2012

Outfit ideas with leggings

Leggings are great to wear. They are comfortable and cool-looking. I guess every one of you have tried at least once an outfit with leggings, mostly black leggings with tunic tops. But there are also women that haven’t tried them yet, maybe because they think they are not for their body shapes and they risk looking ridiculous and fat.

But that’s wrong. If you pair them properly with the right top, shoes and accessories, you will be successful.

celebs wearing leggings

Here are some tips on how to wear leggings:

- If you have some pound in excess or problems with cellulite, try thick and unshiny fabrics like double knits. Anyway all you need is self confidence that helps you with every outfit, even the craziest.

- Remember that leggings are not pants. Consider them as tights to wear with dresses, skirts, tunic tops that cover our butt and your front. Also avoid wearing too tight tops over your leggings.

- Pay attention to footwear. Go for flats, boots, oxfords or low heels. Everything looks chic with leggings except high heels that give you an extravagant look.

Here are some ideas on how to wear leggings and look nice:

  • The most seen and comfortable look is pairing leggings with UGG boots, a T-shirt and a jacket, jeans or leather. Olivia Wild has worn them like pants with a short blouse, brown boots and a jeans jacket. She looks good and not extravagant.
leggings with ugg boots
  • If you are a fashion follower, you know this year galaxy print is in vogue. So try to wear galaxy leggings with a black blouse and black wedge boots. Be careful with colors.
galaxy leggings outfit

  • Leggings can be wear in every season of the year but in this cold weather I prefer leggings paired with large sweaters and boots. It’s a casual style, perfect for everyday life, comfortable and most important, warm. And don’t forget the scarf, it’s a must accessory. You can choose different boots like: ankle boots, tall boots, combat boots, cowboy boots or even knee boots.

casual leggings outfits

leggings with boots

leggings with sweater
leggings with tall boots

  • Leather leggings are so sexy and feminine. Wear them for a special occasion with high heels and a camisole or for everyday life pair them with a sweater, colored if the leggings are black.
leggings with tall boots

  • For a chic look, pair them with a blazer or jacket and high heels or wedge. Choose the right accessories like the lipstick and earrings. You will be hardly unnoticeable with that look, be sure of that.
chic leggings outfits

PS: hope that you will be inspired by our suggestions and you will try any of them.


  1. Olivia Wild looks great in those leggings.

  2. She looks soo Hotttt!!!! Wish more good looking women would dress like this!

  3. Can anyone tell me where to find the taupe/grey suede over the knee boots that the girl is wearing with the tan leather jacket and grey infinity scarf? I LOVE them!


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